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I would really like to learn more about W.R. Keithley.  I first heard of him when I saw in the Carterville, Missouri 1900 census that he was living with my great grandfather Joseph Keithley.  The census indicates that W.R. Keithley was born in September 1825 in Missouri and that he was Joseph’s single uncle who was a lawyer.   Joseph’s brother was also an attorney living in Peoria, Illinois.

I have found several interesting entries for a W. R. Keithley who was living in Utah, Illinois, Idaho, Colorado, Missouri, California and Canada during the 1800’s.  The W.R. Keithley living in Utah, Illinois, Idaho, Colorado, Missouri and California was an attorney but I don’t know if it is the same person.

For now, here are some of the various entries I’ve found that mention W.R. Keithley:

1848 Jo Daviess, Illinois The Genealogy of Galena (Nineteenth Century Americana) by Lorraine X. Page 1993. This book is a compilation of names from City Directories. A William R. Keithly is listed in 1848 as a “constable resident Jo Daviess House”. The Keithley family that I am researching was in Galena, Illinois by the time of the 1850 census.
1854 El Dorado County, California Historical Souvenir of El Dorado County, California: with illustrations and biographical sketches of its prominent men and pioneers. Oakland, Calif. : Sioli, 1883. W. R. Keithley is listed as a supervisor of a road in 1854.
1857 Sacramento, California W.R. Keithley is listed under Sacramento on page 297 as an attorney in The State register and year book of facts publisher Henry G. Langley and Samuel A. Mathews, 1857. This was published annually to serve as a comprehensive listing of services in the state of California.
1860 Canada The W.R. Keithley who was in Canada went by the name Doc Keithley In 1860 he found a streak of gold in Keithley Creek British Columbia. It does not seem this is the W.R. who I’m looking for but it is interesting.
1867 Idaho City, Boise, Idaho William R. Keithley in Idaho City, Boise, Idaho Territory Occupation: attorney

Kim Barghouti, comp. Pacific Coast Directory, 1867 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2000.

1870 Weber County, Utah Weber County, Utah Civil and Criminal Case Files, 1852-1887
about W R Keithley
Defendant: W R Keithley
Filing Date: 2/23/1870
caseType: debt
Opposing Party: Burk
Plaintiff: 0
Reel: 3
Box: 2
Folder: 150
Series Number: 1593
1870 Ogden, Weber, Utah Wm R. Keithley in the 1870 census in Ogden, Weber Co, UT who was an attorney at law. He was 39 and born in Missouri. He was living with a lot of other boarders. His age does not match the age of the W. R. who was living with Joseph in 1900.
1873 Weber County, Utah Weber County, Utah Probate Court Civil and Criminal Case Registers of Actions, 1868-1887
about W R Keithley
Name: W R Keithley
Filing Date: 2/23/1870
Case Type: debt
Opposing Party: Burk
Plaintiff: 0
Book: 1
Page: 10
Series: 83901

Salt Lake County, Utah Civil and Criminal Case Files, 1852-1887
Plaintiff or Defendant: D
Case Type: LARCENY
Filing Date: 5/24/1873
Opposing Party: PEOPLE
Case: 233
Reel: 22
Box/Folder Number: 16/083

1874 Salt Lake County, Utah Salt Lake County, Utah Civil and Criminal Case Files, 1852-1887
Plaintiff or Defendant: A
Case Type: APPEAL
Filing Date: 1/10/1874
Opposing Party: PEOPLE
Case: 369
Reel: 23
Box/Folder Number: 17/071
1877 Salt Lake City, Utah Western wilds, and the men who redeem them: an authentic narrative …by John Hanson Beadle published by Jones Brothers, 1877. The subject heading for this book are:Indians of North America; Mines and mineral resources; Mormons; Mountain Meadows Massacre, 1857; Southwest, New West (U.S.). “An account of seven years travel and adventure in the Far West; wild life in Arizona; perils of the Plains; thrilling scenes and romantic incidents in the lives of Western pioneers; adventures among the red and white savages of the west; a full account of the mountain meadow massacre; the Custer defeat; life and death of Brigham Young; etc.” (events may have occurred between 1867-1875)


See excerpt at the top of the page.

1880 Buena Vista, Chaffe Co., Colorado In 1880 Census in Buena Vista, Chaffe Co, Colorado is a W. R. Keithley who is a lawyer living with boarders. He was born in Missouri as was his father, but his mother was born in NC. His age was 48.
1883 Colorado William R Keithley is in the Colorado State Archives, Supreme Court State Bar Admissions, Delta, Dec 12, 1883, page 44
1884 Colorado Keithley, W. R. listed under attorneys working in Delta, Colorado in this directory on page 426 of the Colorado state business directory : with Colorado mining directory and Colorado live stock directory departments, 1884. Denver, Colo.: J.R. Ives & Co., 1884, 527 pgs.
1900 Carterville, Missouri W.R. Keithley living with his nephew Joseph Henry Keithley

What do you think about it being the same person?  It sure seems, if this is all one person, like a lot of moving which, as a single man, he would have been more likely able to do.  It doesn’t seem that there would have been many attorneys named Keithley during this time period.  If I can find more about him maybe something will confirm who his parents were.  Any suggestions on some next steps?

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