Today I decided to develop a blog that can serve as a way to collect historical and current family stories and photos.  Last year after my grandmother died my mother, cousin and I began writing stories that told of grandmother’s life and her personality.  We used ourstory.com for this and it is a nice site but I think we can find something that is a bit more versatile.  WordPress seems to have a lot of people who use it and like it.  It does have the ability to export the blogs, which I think will be useful since I want to collect these stories not just keep them on the Internet.

I asked my kids today if they would contribute to such an endeavor and they both indicated that they would help.  So, I’m hopeful to encourage them and others to tell stories that we can re-read later and pass on to future generations that will reflect our personalities and experiences.

Here’s a beginning piece.  For father’s day 2008, Kelsey wrote him the poem below.

The reason I wrote this was because I wanted my dad’s present to be something very special. In the past he has said how he believes I have a talent for writing things. Recently I had become involved in writing things like poetry and lyrics. I thought that a poem for father’s day would be the perfect gift. This poem is from the heart and actually took quite a bit of thought, even though it may not seem like it. I love writing and this was a way to show my love for my dad and in something that I loved to do. I think the poem really touched him. Hopefully, I can create one next year to beat this!

A Daughter’s Poem

You have taught me many things in life

Things I might not have ever known.

But one thing that you need to know; I’m not yet fully grown.

I’ll always be the little kid who loves to scream and yell

Who played with little Lincoln Logs and never could share very well.

Even though I’m old enough to drive myself around

I’ll always be your little girl who tries to not make you frown.

I love you very, very much, I’m sure you know it’s true.

But it always brings a smile to my face, when I know you know I do.

The card Travis selected for father’s day included a quote on a business card size piece of paper that said

“Hero:  The real heroes of the world are the men who take the time to make a difference in the life of a child.”