1968-11-long-beach-house1We moved to Long Beach, California in the fall of 1968 (I was eight) and lived there until about June, 1969. Our moves were very frequent and as a young, only child I was very shy and relied on my parents perhaps more than other young children. Parents are our protectors and most of us trust that they will always stand in front of us to keep us safe. One evening mother and I had been across the street at some neighbors visiting (they had 2 girls near my age) and we were walking back across the street to go home in the dark. We were talking as we approached our home and I was walking ahead of mother by a few steps. We heard a noise in the bushes beside our front porch (probably a cat or dog) and the noise frightened us. Instantly, Mother pushed me toward the bushes! I was so amazed that my protector would not jump ahead of me to save me from the evil that was lurking in the bushes; no, my protector pushed me toward the bushes so that she would be safe! This was truly a dose of reality for me.

Mother swears that it was just her instant, shocked reaction to a noise and we often laugh at this story. Of course, I know that Mother is and will always be there for me.

Posted: Aug 21, 2007