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Stories and photos from my Grandmother Virginia’s parents.

Jacob and Eva married in Oklahoma in 1901 and began a family right away.  Unfortunately, both Jacob and Eva lived short lives and very few stories remain of them.   As you can see by the chart below their children were all young when their father died and all still young when their mother died.   Willie had a very troubled youth and was in prison within a relatively short time after his mother’s death.  Bernita married the year before Eva died.  The rest of  the Lineberry children went to live with various Lineberry relatives in the Galax, Virginia area.  None of the boys had a steady home but went from home to home.  Grammy told me that Johnnie lived in Galax and worked at a furniture factory.  Leonard & George lived together with Everett Bryant (who owned a saw mill) and Leonard worked there until he was 15.  The Bryant’s lived near Uncle Ab.  George lived with Leonard while Leonard worked and George went to school.  George also lived with the Russell’s but he would hardly stay with anyone but Leonard or Harv.  Joe worked in a saw mill with Euliss.  Virginia stayed in one home, her Uncle Dave and Aunt Piety’s and only occasionally got to see her brothers.  By 1929 Bernita drove to Virginia and brought her siblings who wanted to come back to Oklahoma with her.

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