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Virginia Amy Lineberry was the 7th child born to Jacob and Eva Lineberry. Virginia was born at 8:00 pm on March 30, 1914 in Capitol Hill, Oklahoma. Virginia indicated that the information provided on the back of this postcard/photo was written by her mother.

Interestingly, Virginia only knew her name as Virginia Amy Lineberry and that is what her mother wrote on the back of this photo.  However, her birth certificate indicates her name as Amie Lineberry.  Notice the spelling difference and only one given name. Virginia always believed that she was named for her father’s home state.  Since her maternal great grandmother’s name was Amy Turner Keithley I wonder if she was named in honor of her.

Amy Turner Keithley’s husband, Enoch, died from a disease while serving in the Civil War and consequently she raised her children alone.   She did remarry Thomas Burgess soon after Enoch died and they had a daughter.   Unfortunately, Mr. Burgess deserted them and years later Amy divorced him and both she and her daughter used the Keithley last name.  Clearly, her sons stayed near her for many years and later in her life she lived with her daughter.  I presume she was admired and loved by her children and grandchildren. amys-signature-alone

I like to collect ancestor’s images and signatures.  As of now, I only have Amy’s signature.  Any Keithley/Turner families with photos they want to share?