In Jacob Lineberry’s September 1914 letter from Cushing, Oklahoma he said,

Our eldest boy has been sick for some time with Typhoid Fever but is well now, or at least I hope so as he had two back sets that kept him down for weeks, which caused me to loose about two months work I had just traded for a stock of goods when he took sick and had to dispose of them as the stock was at another Town, this is the first sickness that we have ever had in our family but we will have to bear our burdens as they come.

Virginia, Jacob’s youngest daughter, indicated she also got typhoid fever after Willie [the reason her hair changed from white to dark].  Perhaps the typhoid fever was lurking in the respiratory system of, at least, Willie and Virginia until Jacob got it from them.  Jacob died on October 31, 1915 in Capitol Hill, Oklahoma of typhoid fever and auto intoxication.  He is buried in Fairlawn Cemetery, which was established as a non-profit cemetery in 1892 and has many of the OKC Founding Fathers.  Jacob is buried with no headstone. It might be that Eva had Jacob’s body sent to Fairlawn by way of the Interurban since it stopped near the gate and was apparently a common way of delivery.  (Willie, Jacob’s oldest son and George, his youngest son, are also buried in Fairlawn Cemetery).

Virginia recalled

When I was 19 months old Papa died. I’m sure I remember. I went in to where Papa was in the casket and pushed a chair up and got in with Papa. When Mama found me I was patting his face. When I told my brothers they laughed and told me it was Mama who had told me.  But I still see that little girl.

Bernita, their oldest sister, would not permit her siblings to enjoy Halloween again since that was the day their Papa died.  –Posted: Aug 26, 2007