I’ve taken Christmas week off to have time to bake, shop and just be on vacation.  Tuesday Kelsey and Travis and a couple of friends made gingerbread men.  I had never made any and I’m not terribly fond of gingerbread so I hunted on allrecipes.com for a review with the most favorable reviews.  I chose Eileen’s gingerbread men and it actually tastes pretty good.  Travis ate the few cookies he decorated but Kelsey and her boyfriend, Andy, decorated most of the cookies.  When I displayed them on a plate Christmas Eve they looked really nice and Christmasy but I neglected to take photos.

Our tradition is to let the kids open one present on Christmas Eve.  We bought the kids laptops and Keith spent quite a bit of time getting them all ready to boot up and use.  He also spent time creating a treasure hunt for them to learn the password to use the laptops.  The first step on the treasure hunt was to use a GPS locator to find a hint.  The kids were pretty good sports about the process that took them several blocks down the street and in and out of the house several times.   We also have video of it but I’ll have to figure out how to upload that since they use a different format than I have right now.