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As I indicated in a few past posts I’ve been hunting for more information on my great uncle George Lineberry.  I found several interesting sites with audio interviews from 101st veterans as well as many videos and books.  I’ve sent emails to authors of a few of these sites and have received very gracious responses with helpful suggestions.  I received the after battle report from D-Day for the 502.   Another person located a link to the marketgarden.com that has George’s obituary and a photo.

One suggestion I received was to post to the Trigger Time Forum, which has several goals but their first goal is to: “To help disseminate information on the history and personnel of the 101st Airborne Division in WW2. Special emphasis will be put on helping researchers with historical questions and relatives or friends of 101st veterans seeking information or contacts. Private questions can be emailed directly to the webmaster.”

Sunday evening I posted a question to the Trigger Time Forum about George and by Monday morning I had learned that George was listed as a jumpmaster.  One of the forum members told me that in today’s Army: “The mission of the United States Army Jumpmaster School is to train personnel in the skills necessary to jumpmaster a combat-equipped jump and the proper attaching, jumping, and releasing of combat and individual equipment while participating in an actual jump. Students must attain a minimum of 70% in all graded events and demonstrate a high degree of proficiency in the Jumpmaster Personnel Inspection by successfully inspecting three rigged jumpers within five minutes, achieving a score of 70% or higher, and missing no major deficiencies.”

george-ft-bragg-1943-copy2By Monday evening someone had posted a portion of an F Company troop photo with George in it that was taken at Fort Bragg, NC about August 1943! I was amazed at how quickly I learned great information.  Additionally, I was given contact information to 2 surviving members of F Company.  I plan on contacting these individuals when my husband is home so that we can both be on the phone in hopes of remembering the details of our conversation better plus Keith is a WWII history buff and will understand terms that I will not.

The full troop photo is about 30″ wide so, at this time, I do not know if I’ll obtain the entire photo.  The photo you see here is from the troop photo and I am thrilled to have this portion.

Here are a few links that I found interesting.

An hour long interview with an F Company survivor

Para Research Team

Trigger Time 101st Airborne WW2

Do you have additional suggestions on how to locate photos and information about F company during D-Day and Operation Market Garden, in particular?

Further Reading of my progression in learning George’s story: