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Many years ago my mother-in-law let me look at her old family photos and other items.  That was when I found a delicate and still fairly white, folded piece of paper.  I opened it and was fascinated with what I read.jacobAs you can see this was a sale that was being advertised to occur on April 5, 1872.   Jacob Garee is my husband’s great, great, great grandfather and he and his family moved from Pennsylvania to Ohio then to Missouri.  They moved to Ohio sometime between 1836 & 1838.  In 1840 in Trumbull County, Ohio there is a Jacob with a female of similar age with 1 male under 5 & 2 females under 5 years of age.  In 1850 Jacob, his wife and 7 children were living in Trumbull County, Ohio.  Two of those children were not names handed down in family tradition, which makes me wonder if they died or if they were someone else’s children.  Sometime around 1869 they moved to Missouri.  The 1870 census lists Jacob, and 2 of his daughters living together.  It seems that Eliza died sometime before 1866 (since she was listed in the Kansas state census that year).  I have a note in my database that indicates that in 1871 Jacob was living with his son Francis in Kansas but my note is not very clear so I don’t know about the reliability of the information.

C.E. Garee, Jacob’s grandson, years later wrote about his life and offers some family history that may help solve some of the reasons for the poster and other family details.  You can read his interesting stories at My Tree House.

I have not found Jacob or Eliza in the 1860 census yet, which will help me pinpoint a bit more such as when and where Eliza died.  I’m not sure when or where Jacob died either. Some of Jacob & Eliza’s children remained in Ohio, some moved to Kansas and one moved to Oklahoma.

Tonight I discovered the death record for Jacob’s oldest son, John T., and it provides new information to me.  Specifically, it lists where in Pennsylvania John was born as well as his mother’s maiden name.  The only problem is that I can’t clearly read them or match them up yet.  Here’s the record I found, maybe someone can help me?  Suggestions are always appreciated.


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Update: John T Garee’s mother’s last name was Lynn.  Based on the information that has been passed down through John’s family, the belief is that was her maiden name.