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Several of my line of Lineberry’s moved from Carroll County, Virginia to Linn County, Missouri sometime after the Civil War ended.  It appears to me that Jacob Lineberry and his wife Mary Fanning had several children and grandchildren who moved to Linn County, Missouri, which included my great, great grandfather’s siblings:  Elizabeth who married Nimrod Newman; and Wesley Bird Lineberry; as well as several of their aunts and uncles including:  Catherine and George Coulson; Elizabeth and John Coulson; Martha and Rueben Fanning; George and Nancy Evans’ sons Leander and Oran.   My great, great grandfather remained in Virginia but one of his son’s, my great grandfather Jacob Wesley Lineberry, moved away from Virginia sometime before 1894 and lived in Missouri with relatives for a time.  We know this because of the letters that Jacob wrote to one of his brothers.  (click here to read those)

I acquired from a 1st cousin once removed (I think) some photocopied photos of Lineberry’s who I think lived in Missouri.  These photos have names on them but I’m not exactly sure who their parents were.

Since my great grandfather talked about his uncle Wesley Bird Lineberry in his letters, I wonder if these photos are from that side of the family.  Wesley’s own account indicates that he moved to Linn County, Missouri about 1868 and married Wauconda Langwell.  One of their daughters was Effie Mae Lineberry born in 1876 in Missouri and may be the Effie in the one photo below.  My great grandfather speaks of Jim Bowers often in his letters but I am not sure who his parents were and I wonder if the Jim Bowers in the photo is that same person.  Below is Wesley’s reminiscences along with some photos.  Can you help identify any of them?wesley-bird-lineberry-letter

bowers-lineberry george-lineberry-11 george-lineberry sally-combined