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It’s been a about 3 weeks since I posted something partly because I felt bad one week, was still lazy another, went out of town to see Jimmy Buffett in concert and finally busy figuring out vacation plans this last week.  Now, I’m back to scanning photos that my aunt has loaned me of my paternal grandmother’s family, the Rury and Hilton’s.  I’ve finished scanning all of the 8 albums and have finished 2 of the 9 or so folders of loose photos and I’ve learned some interesting things just looking at the mostly unlabeled photos.  Here are a few of the things that I’ve learned:

  • 1905-ca-maude-hiltonmy great grandmother Maude Hilton Rury, born in 1889, was very pretty when she was young
  • my great grandmother dressed all of her 3 of children in the same infant christening type gown and then my grandmother dressed my father in it, too
  • my great aunt Jessie was married
  • 1927-album-d-0041my grandparents began dating at least 3 years before they married and it looks like they had fun going places, walking arm in arm, holding hands and being playful with one another
  • my great grandmother Maude, a fabulous seamstress, apparently owned a sewing shop while she lived in Arizona
  • My great grandmother Maude and my great Aunt Jessie seemed to have more than the average number of photos of themselves over the years

My great grandmother Maude was the main person who wrote on her photos but she didn’t do it consistently.  My grandmother remained in Oklahoma while her mother and sisters lived in Arizona, California and New Mexico and they kept one another updated with photos of their lives and it is through those photos that I learned more about them.   I wish that some of the letters that must have accompanied the photos were still available but I haven’t found any.

So, what intriguing photos have I found?  Well, here’s one that I really wish had something written on it so I knew the story.  This is a colorized photo and it is interesting to think they were on top of such a large pipe but in dresses and nice shoes?  Previously, I posted a photo of the same family that I just love.  As I get the photos organized and possibly more of them identified I’ll post more.