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Yesterday, I read about iPentimento’s goat cart challenge.  Apparently, there are many photographs of children in goat carts and I’m sure someone has some great information as to why this was so popular.  I presume that these were taken by traveling photographers with the cart and goat as a prompt.

The children in this cart are my grandmother, Virginia Lineberry Willis Billings b. 1914 – 2007 with her brother George b. 1912- 1944.  Virginia and George were the youngest of seven children born to Jacob and Eva Lineberry.  In October 1915 Jacob died and at the time the family was living in Capitol Hill, Oklahoma.  Eva remarried and the family moved to Clinton, Missouri probably in 1916 and by June of 1917 they were in Oilton, Oklahoma.  I’m guessing that my grandmother was about 2 and George about 4, which would suggest the photo was taken spring or summer 1916.  Since the family moved during that time, I do not know if the photo was taken in Capitol Hill, Oklahoma or Clinton, Missouri or Oilton, OK.  Clearly, their surroundings were rustic.  If you have suggestions for determining where this photo was taken, I’d love to hear them.

1915 siblings