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Genea-Musings Saturday Night Fun

How old is your father now, or how old would he be if he had lived? Divide this number by 4 and round the number off to a whole number. This is your “roulette number.”  Use your pedigree charts or your family tree genealogy software program to find the person with that number in your ahnentafel. Who is that person?  Tell us three facts about that person with the “roulette number.” Write about it in a blog post on your own blog, in a Facebook note or comment, or as a comment on this blog post.  If you do not have a person’s name for your “roulette number” then spin the wheel again – pick your mother, or yourself, a favorite aunt or cousin, or even your children!

My father is 71 so my ahnentafel roulette number rounded up is 18.  My number 18 is John Wesley Reddick.

merged reddick

Three facts about him:

  • born March 27, 1858 in Clinton, Illinois
  • married Lydia Ann Elizabeth Thorp February 16, 1883 in Pratt, Kansas
  • died in 1944 and is buried in the Enid Cemetery in Enid, Oklahoma

Just a few weeks ago, I visited with my 1st cousin once removed, Bill, and his wife Linda and they have a newspaper clipping of John and Lydia Reddick’s 56th wedding anniversary in 1939.  The clipping is in pieces and falling apart, I was able to scan it and am including it here.  Bill and my father were one of the 7 great grandchildren mentioned in the article so they knew their great grandparents, Bill said that he never saw Lydia smile but John smiled easily.

Reddick anniversary