Watching the OU football game tonight reminded me of our Siamese cat who was a football fan.  Felicia, who was actually my Mom’s cat, would often lay on top of the TV console where it was warm and during a football game she would look down on the TV screen and notice the football moving quickly from one side of the screen to the other.  Instantly, she would get up to look down the back of the TV to see where the ball had gone.  Finding nothing, she would jump down in front of the TV and stand on her hind legs while she used her front paws to catch the ball as it would go across the screen.  My Dad would be so frustrated because he couldn’t see the game but we all thought it was hysterical as Felicia tried to catch the football.  We have one photo taken about 1968, when I was 8, that is blurry near the action but I think you can recognize Felicia’s rapid paw movement to stop the football.  Felicia was truly a football fan because she repeated this behavior almost every time a game was on TV, but only for football.


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We all have childhood memories, but if you’re like me, you’re concentrating on getting the family history of your parents and earlier generations. Let’s think about ourselves here.  Here’s your mission if you want to accept it …

  1. What is one of your most vivid childhood memories? Was it family, friends, places, events, or just plain fun?
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