Virginia told the story about the Christmas before she turned seven in 1921. She wanted a baby doll with hair and didn’t get it. When she returned to school after the Christmas holiday, her teacher asked her, “What did you get for Christmas, Virginia?” she replied, “I didn’t get a present.” The teacher was so concerned that one of her students didn’t get a Christmas gift that she gave her a life-size baby doll with hair. Virginia was so pleased with the doll that she evidently didn’t allow much thought (then) for guilt over lying about no gift for Christmas.

Apparently her mother, Eva, didn’t stop June (Virginia’s half sister who was 4 years old at the time) from playing with the doll and June pretty nearly destroyed the doll’s hair Virginia was so proud of. After Eva’s death when five of the siblings moved to Virginia, Willie, Virginia’s brother, was sure to pack the prized doll for her. Virginia was invited to live with Uncle Dave and Aunt Piety and somebody took the doll’s life-sized clothes for a baby (I think it was for Oidle), but the doll’s one-piece undergarment was not needed and remained with the doll. At some point the doll was valueless but Virginia kept the undergarment. When I started to do family research, Virginia (my grandmother) showed me her prized doll slip and told me the story as well as the fact she kept it securely hidden at the bottom of her own undergarment drawer until the day she gave it to me to keep in the same prized fashion – which I do; the slip has a showcase spot in my display curio cabinet.