Seeing the bunny’s perpetual wink, whiskers and cute floppy ear still makes me feel happy.  I remember him as far back as when I was three years old.  Even before I had this red eyed, red nosed, golden, bunny brooch, I had a stuffed bunny that I LOVED and carried everywhere.  That stuffed bunny was as tall as I was with his hands clasped holding a bright orange carrot.  To me he was Bugs Bunny though I don’t remember if he had a name.  That stuffed bunny, because of the way his hands were joined, made him perfectly suited for carrying around my neck, shoulder or arm, which was so handy if I needed to carry something else.


Maybe I liked him because I liked bunnies but I think it was just his cuteness and being able wear a brooch on my coat or dress like the ladies at church.  My Mom made us matching green, checked dresses (we also had coats that were similar) so I not only got to wear a grown-up brooch like my mommy, I had a dress like hers!


Green, checked dress & the bunny brooch, Kay in Shawnee, Oklahoma between Jan & Aug 1964

I wish I knew who gave me this piece of Sarah Coventry costume jewelry. I double checked my baby book listing of gifts I received for my birthdays and Christmases and he’s not listed.  For sure, he’s been with me since I was three years old.  Where my bunny brooch came from and who gave him to me remains a mystery however, his welcome, winking face brightens my day when I see him in my jewelry box.



The same bunny pin is for sale several places, for example, Ruby Lane, which has excellent up close photos and says “It is featured on page 144 of Marcia Sparkles Brown’s book, Signed Beauties of Costume Jewelry, Vol. II. Very charming and collectible!