Albid Nigh Bauman and his family migrated to New Orleans with some neighbors and the neighbors moved on to Grand Saline, Texas while Albid and his family moved to Shreveport, Louisiana by 1840.  Later, Albid still missed a neighbor girl who had moved to Grand Saline so he moved to Grand Saline, Texas and married that girl, Rebecca Stephenson.

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On October 26, 1852 when Rebecca Stephenson was 16 years old, she and 21 year old Albid Bauman married in Upshur County, Texas.  Over the next twenty one years they had eleven children.  Then at the age of 37, while pregnant with their twelfth child, Rebecca contracted the bloody flux (something like severe diarrhea) and she and the baby (possibly named Molly) died.  They are buried together at Mechanicsville Cemetery also known as the Robbs/Bauman cemetery, near Mt. Sylvan, Texas behind a farmhouse and barn.  The inscription on Rebecca’s headstone reads “A devoted wife and Mother and a lover of the Lord Jesus.”

I have no images of Rebecca but I do have one of Albid taken on his wedding day with his second wife.  Within 6 months of Rebecca’s death, when Albid was 42 he married 24 year old Julia Ann Angeline Martha Clementine Higgins.  The photo is of a tintype (which are reversed) and their faces don’t seem very happy.  Martha (also called Julia) had married Robert Lowry first and they had 2 children together.  Over the next 17 years Albid and Martha had ten children.

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Albid, fathered 22 children, counting the one unborn child, and of those, 20 lived to adulthood.  His last child was born almost 9 months after he died at the age of 60 in 1891.

I have been working for years to learn of all of his children’s children and am still working on it.  My husband descends from Albid and his first wife, Rebecca’s 8th child, George Washington Bauman.

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