One Halloween, when I was about 4, I was with my Mom, my friend Stephanie and her mom walking around the neighborhood.  Stephanie stepped into the street from in between some parked cars and was hit by a car.  She was apparently thrown a good way but not seriously hurt, I don’t even think she was taken to the doctor but it left a fear of crossing the street in me that is still present today.  Ever since that time, I put my arm out to cause whoever I am crossing a street with to pause and look before stepping out.  I’m sure it looked a bit odd when I was little because I was doing that for all ages including adults.  It doesn’t seem as odd today except I’m likely to realize I’m doing it for strangers too, if I don’t force myself to stop.  I have only a couple of photos of me dressed up for Halloween, one my mom posted at DonnaB’s Weblog tonight and the other was in 1985 when I wore my mother’s 1958 high school prom dress to work on Halloween.


Kay wearing her mother's 1958 HS prom dress in 1985

A few years later, in 1988, I wore my Mom’s prom dress again and this time to a Halloween party where I met my future husband.  We were both wearing our mother’s dresses!  He wore a baby blue work dress with panty hose, high heels, a very padded bra, painted fingernails, and makeup (no wig, as I recall).  My husband is over 6′ tall as is his mother so he was quite noticeable to me and perhaps I was to him because we soon began talking and then dating.  Just last month we celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary.  The 51 year old prom dress is safely tucked away in my cedar chest.


Up close of the glasses