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Mellie-thru-the-yearsNovember 8, 1879 in Fayette, Alabama Mellie Jane Welch was born.  Mellie, was my great grandmother who I never knew and since she died 2 years before my mother was born she didn’t know her either.  Sadly, we have no information on what she was like or what her interests were.

I have been told that my maternal grandfather loved her dearly and did not believe that his father treated her very well.  We only have 6 photos that Mellie was in and none of them have her smiling, and to me she looks sad in all of them.  So what do we know about her besides her birth date?

  • She was the first born child of William Thomas and Mollie Mouro Welch nee Sanford.
  • She had 8 siblings
  • She married Zedic Hamilton Willis,who went by Hamp, on November 19, 1900 in Fayette, Alabama, he was 14 months her junior
  • Hamp and Mellie had 9 children, 7 of whom lived to adulthood
  • Their children were born in Fayette, Alabama and the Fulton or Tilden, Mississippi area
  • Apparently, she and Hamp moved around a bit living in Lexington, Noble and Purcell, Oklahoma as well as Smyer, Texas and Itawamba County, Mississippi.
  • She had 19 grandchildren 12 of whom she would have known, the oldest was 11 years old at the time of her death.
  • She and Hamp were living in Noble at the time of their deaths, where they are buried.