I haven’t seen the ornaments of my childhood in years since my mother basically no longer decorates for Christmas.  She told me today that several years ago the shed where the decorations were kept collapsed and everything in it was buried or lost under the rubble.

On my own Christmas tree the oldest ornament I have was one that my parents and I or just me gave my paternal grandmother.  I remember that I selected the ornament but I do not know when we bought it.  It would have been between 1969 and 1978, I’m fairly certain.  Grandma kept it out year-round hanging in a glass container.  One day years later when I was visiting her she gave it back to me saying she wanted to make sure that I got it back.  Apparently, as people age they often begin giving their things away and both of my grandmothers did that as they aged.

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This ornament is a 2″ cube and is gold but I don’t know what it is made of, the metal used is sturdy and the color looks excellent.  Each of its four sides is die cut to depict the story of Jesus’ birth. One of the sides shows Joseph pulling the donkey that Mary is riding on; another has the three wise men looking at the star; a third side is of the three wise men following the star of Bethlehem; the final side is of Mary and Joseph near the manger where Jesus is asleep.  The top and bottom of the ornament also have a die cut design and on the bottom it indicates the copyright is Reed & Barton.  I tried to locate more information on a similar ornament but have not had any success so far.

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