My memories of Christmas at school revolve around art.  Decorating the classroom and making things, such as ornaments, to give to my parents.  It was at school where I learned how to make cutout snowflakes, Christmas trees out of paper, use glitter & glue, use cotton for a Santa’s beard and pipe cleaners for reindeer antlers.  We made the paper chain for our Christmas tree out of colored construction paper, made felt stockings and the list would go on and on of all the art projects we did.  It was during Christmas that most of our class time was spent on fun activities and we got to enjoy Christmas music in the background.  Also, our homeroom mom’s would bring food so we could have a party.  I imagine my schools had Christmas choir concerts but, at the moment, I have no memories of any of them nor are there any photos of such occasions.

My family moved quite a bit, which made it difficult to keep things such as handmade gifts I made during the Christmas season at school.  Perhaps those moves are one reason I’ve held on to memories and why I find it surprising that I have so few memories of Christmas at school.

This is my submission for the Advent Calendar Christmas Memories, 2009