Fudge is a noun, a verb, an interjection, and delicious! ~Jessi Lane Adams

A Christmas tradition for many is making and eating fudge.  Among my Grandma’s recipes is the one for fudge that she got from her sister, Nadine.  I have a copy of the handwritten version of this recipe and a newspaper article about my grandma and this fudge recipe.

Sometime in the first half of 1956 my Grandma Brown was the Times Homemaker of the Week.  The Oklahoma Times was the Oklahoma City evening paper that operated from 1916-1984.  In the article, Skilled Homemaker Has Many Hobbies, my Grandma, Ottie Brown, shared two recipes, one of which was the fudge that she was known to make at Christmas, Aunt Nadine’s Fudge. I don’t know when Grandma started making the fudge but clearly it was already a favorite by 1956.

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I made it this past Sunday for the first time and took photos of the process.  When I made it I realized that the handwritten version I have (I don’t think it’s in Grandma’s handwriting) has different instructions than the newspaper article.  I followed the newspaper version.  Based on what I’ve found, marshmallow cream was available in 1956 but this recipe has you use a double boiler to melt the marshmallows.  It was an easy recipe to make that turned out fabulous.

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This is my submission for the Advent Calendar Christmas Memories 2009.