In between all our cooking this weekend, we had some fun time with our cat.  Yesterday Keith went Christmas shopping and bought a Santa hat for Purrkins so today we dressed him up and I took some photos & video footage of him.  I’m sure you can imagine what a joyous occasion that was for Purrkins.

Cooking can be almost as fun as playing with our cat.  Yesterday Keith and I made lots of Christmas goodies:  rum cake, ice box cookies, fudge, and date roll.  Today I began by making 5 dozen sausage balls and Keith made Aunt Bill’s candy.

Aunt Bill’s Brown Candy has a long history in Oklahoma.  In fact, the original method was printed in the “1932 Cooking School Cookbook” by food writer Susan Adams, known in Oklahoma City as Aunt Susan.  There’s a nice article with the candy’s history and a video on how to make it on the Oklahoman website:  Aunt Bill’s Brown Candy qualifies as holiday icon.

Last year when Keith made Aunt Bill’s candy his glasses fell into the pot as we were mixing the very hot sugars with the boiling cream (it takes two people when you have a double batch).  So, this year Keith was was ready for a less eventful process.  Again, he made a double batch but the pot was not quite big enough when he added the butter.  He called to me to get the camera in anticipation of a spillage.  Thankfully, he had the pot on a cookie sheet so the clean up wasn’t too bad. The best part is that the end product is perfect, as usual.

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Kelsey started the Oreo Truffles and next is gingerbread and sugar cookies.  So far today has been fun and I’d like to share this very Merry Christmas photo of Santa Purrkins also known as Santa Paws.

Santa Purrkins

Are you in the Christmas spirit now?