When I was quite young my mother sang the song Sleep, Holy Child at church.  Apparently I liked it, because I asked her to sing it several times.  Each time I asked by saying “Mommy, sing Poly Child“.  While the song has not remained a traditional request in our family, the story of my misunderstanding the words has (click here for my Mom’s discussion of it).

The year my parents bought their first house, 1966, they also bought a new console stereo and began purchasing albums, perhaps from a music club.  Among the albums we had, several were part of the Great Songs of Christmas series, which was released by the Goodyear Tire stores from 1961-1977.  I remember listening to these year after year.  I always enjoyed looking at album covers, for some reason, so when I see these album covers they instantly evoke childhood memories.  A few years ago I borrowed the albums from Mother to transfer them to mp3 and I still have them.  I think I’ll listen to them on my record player this week.

In 1976 I bought the Osmond Christmas Album and I love it.   I listen to it every Christmas many, many times.  I know every word of every song in this two record album.  For me, Christmas and this album go together.

Caroling through neighborhoods with my church was an activity I’ve done several times through the years.  Each time it’s been cold outside but the warm smiles of those who came to the door to listen made enduring the weather worth it.  To warm us up even more we enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate when we got back to the church.

For more of my favorite Christmas music visit my post from this past Wednesday’s Blog Caroling tradition.

This is my submission for the Advent Calendar Christmas Memories 2009.