History of Noble by Elizabeth Bullard (click to read)

Among Elizabeth Bullard’s things are two handwritten drafts of the history of Noble, Cleveland County, Oklahoma, which I transcribed this weekend.  I do not know why she wrote it nor do I know if it was ever published.  My mother-in-law has a vague recollection that the Noble High School Home Economics class asked her to write it for a project on Noble’s history.  Elizabeth, my husband’s maternal grandmother, would have been an excellent person to use as a source of history because her parents arrived in Noble in 1896 and were major contributors to its development (see my post Travel Across the River).

Elizabeth was born in Noble on November 26, 1905 to C.E. & Eva Garee.  She lived in Noble basically her whole life, living in Norman, Oklahoma City and Corpus Christi for short periods of time.  She received her undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Oklahoma and was a teacher at Noble for years.

I created an index for the document and am also including it in this post so that search engines will lead researchers here.  The names in bold are part of my or my husband’s family and I’ve included hyperlinks to more information on a few of the folks.

Allen, B.B. Rush Klinglesmith, C.P
Allen, Wm Klinglesmith, Ina
Amos, L.J. Klinglesmith, J.W
Austin, Irene Klinglesmith, Mattie
Bell, H.L. Lacount, Cathern
Bradley, James H. Lacount, F.M.
Bradly, Jim Leary, Samuel
Brannon, Billy Linday, Harry
Brasher Louther, Dr.
Brosius, L.J. Mrs. Manley, R.C.
Brosius, Maye Klinglesmith McBride, Luther
Brown, Eliza McCalister, Bob
Bullard, Elizabeth McConkey
Burkett, J.C. McCready, Professor
Butler, Pete McDonald, B.R.
Cales, Charles McKittick, Lucy
Cambron, Edna Meador, G.E.
Cambron, Lige Montgomery, J.W
Cassity, Otis Moore, Dick
Chetwood, Mrs. Morris, J.W.
Childs, Henry Morris, Will
Childs, Junior Murphy, Dr.
Cross, Mr. Musson, Harry
Davis, Dr. Nash, M.A.
Delong, Johnnie Neff
Dunaway, Jane Nipps, Alice
Ellinger, A.E. O’Leary, Dr.
Ellinger, R.F. Pantier, Nora
Etheridge, J.G. Parker, Dr.
Farris, John Petty, Clarence
Filson, Frank Pipken, Wm. P.
Fletcher Prater, Kathryn
Flitner, Arthur Reid, W.J.
Florence, J.K. Rennie, Albert
Garee, C.E. Roberts, C.A.
Glasgow, Mr. Roberts, G.M.
Graham, Edwards Isaac Rogers, Ila
Graham, George F. Rogers, Lela
Graham, Oakland Sandel, P.O.
Graham, Robert M Scott, J.W.
Hardy, Dave Scott, W.J.
Harrington, Hulda Shelton, Bonnie
Hay, Daniel Shriver
Haynes, Buel Standifer, T.J.
Henderson, G.W. Mrs. Standifer, Thomas
Henry, M.M. Stogner, Bob
Hobaugh, C.M Stufflebean, J.H.
Hobaugh, Charles Stufflebean, T.J.
Hobaugh, Lorene Tharker, Ward
Hobaugh, Sarah Thoburn, J.B.
Holliday, C.M. Thomas, Ed
Howell, Nathan Wantland, C.F.
Hughes, D.W. Ward, B.E.
Jeffress, C.H. Wells, Tommy
Johnson, J.F. Whitehead, J.A.
Joyce, Robert Whitehurst, J.B.
Kirby, Ed Wiggins, T.J.J.
Kirkpatrick, Rev. Willis, Ernest
Klingesmith, Mary Anne Wilson, S.J.
Klinglesmith, Ambrose Yeargin, R.W.
Klinglesmith, Billie

Update January 2015:   The Observer III, a small local newspaper for the Lexington, Noble, Slaughterville area, published Elizabeth Bullard’s history in a two-part series.  Those articles may viewed here: 2015-01-05 Elizabeth Garee articles