July 12, 1896
Marceline, Missouri

It looks queer that the old gent cant get along with his children what does he expect to become of himself does he ever expect to die or not I would like to know; If he does where he will find himself.

…I wish the children could stay together in peace at home. Ask Papa to treat them kindly and look out for that Great day coming by and by and be ready to meet his God in peace and all of you do the same…

— letter from Jacob Lineberry to his brother Leander (son’s of George A. Lineberry)

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My great grandfather died before his father so I do not know if his father’s choices improved.

The two upright stones in the Alex Lineberry Cemetery in Hebron, Virginia have lichens on them giving them the appearance of enduring the elements for many years.  Yet these stones are for individuals who died long after my great great grandmother, Rhoda Lineberry, whose headstone is next to theirs and looks less weathered.  (I wrote of her last week in Such A Good Mother).

The headstones pictured above are for George Lineberry, my great, great grandfather, his son Thomas and daughter-in-law Lucinda. In the photo of Thomas & Lucinda’s headstone, notice George and Rhoda’s headstones in the background.

I just received these photos this week but I’ve written of George several times so I encourage you to read the posts in the section below labeled ‘further reading’.

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