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She always kept them high above my head sitting on top of the refrigerator and every time that I went to my Grandma Virginia’s house I’d ask her to get them down, which had to have been a reach for her.


I thought the gold colored, wire mesh design and swirling movement on the backs was pretty.  I played with the chairs for hours, sitting my 1963ish Midge Barbie doll (without bendable knees) in them.  I think the backs look like an outline of a woman’s head wearing her hair styled into the popular 1960’s Flip.  I suppose these chairs reminded me of one of my favorite shows during the mid 1960’s, “That Girl”.  Watch this video clip to see that flip hairstyle and I believe you’ll recognize it in the chair backs.

One day I must have asked Grammy if I could have the chairs and she gave them to me.  That was probably when I was somewhere between the ages of 6 & 8 (1966-68).  When I had them home, I sat my 8″ Marmee of the Madame Alexander Little Women series in them as a way to display her.

Today these chairs reside in one of my curio cabinets as a reminder of my Grammy.  I have no idea where she got them and I don’t think they are made of any fancy material.  I’ve never seen others like them.  Perhaps I need to call them “the flip chairs” or ‘that flip chair’.

The love seat measures 9″ high x 8 3/4″ long x 4 3/4″ depth and it is 3 1/2″ to the seat.  The single chair has the same dimensions except it is only 4 3/4″ wide.  They have no markings of who, where or when they were made.

Update from my Mom:

Though I’m not positive, I would guess those chairs were something that had been a cosmetics display item. A lot of those sort of unusual things mother had came to her as outright gifts/bonuses or as something that had been used as a part of a particular cosmetic or perfume promotion.