In case you’ve been wondering why I haven’t been blogging…

I’ve just been doing other things.  My kids turned 18  and we’ve been planning our summer vacation that will celebrate their graduation from high school.

I get pretty obsessive sometimes about making sure I look at all the deals out there before deciding on anything.  This time is no exception to that.  I have spent untold hours hunting, thinking and planning over the past few weeks.  I’m actually sick of doing it at this point.  We finally settled on flying in to London where we will stay several days then head over to Paris for several more days.  Then we’ll probably rent a car and drive into Belgium and The Netherlands for several days before flying out of Frankfurt, Germany.  We have the tickets and have taken care of our lodging reservations for both London and Paris but we still have to figure out the rest of the places where will visit.

I checked out several DVDs and books from the library, of course, to help us decide where to go and what to do.  Now that we’ve got our tickets I’m re-reading everything very thoroughly to create some suggested itineraries for the rest of the family to review.  Some of the activities that we may do have tickets that need to be purchased soon.  Thankfully, some of my most memorable moments on vacations are the free things like picnics and enjoying the scenery.

Not to worry, I’ll slow down on my vacation planning and settled back into my researching my family history and blogging.  Then during and after the vacation I’ll blog about our trip.