UPDATE:  August 25, 2010 my Mom heard from a 2nd cousin and the photo is of my great, great, grandparents William Thomas Welch and Mary Monroe Welch nee Sanford.  Here’s Mom’ update: Photo Identified

I obtained this photocopy of a photo several years ago but no longer recall the details of who I obtained it from or why.  I always thought the description on the back was written by my mother but she isn’t as sure about that.  On the back it says:

Ms. B.H. Willis
R1, Alabama
Grandmother & Grandfather
of John H. Willis

Unfortunately this information isn’t enough yet to be helpful in knowing who this couple is.  My grandfather was James Thomas “Tommy” Willis born in Fayette County, Alabama.  Winfield, the city noted on the back of the photo, is in Fayette County, Alabama. We have no idea who Ms B.H. Willis or John H. Willis are or were.

In thinking about details that might help identify this photo I know that I’ve obtained a small number of copies of photos from my grandfather’s siblings.  I rather doubt that this came from them or the names would make sense to us.  Several years ago I went to Fayette County and visited with a descendant of John William Willis and Margaret Bell Willis nee Gilpin so it’s possible the photo may be from them but the names don’t match anything I have.  Or, I may have found photos in the local library and thought they were significant.  I’ve been trying to recall the details but I just can’t.  One thing for sure is that this an excellent example of what not to do when you get a photo.

Some specifics on my line are that my grandfather James Thomas “Tommy” Willis was born in 1904 to Zedic Hamilton “Hamp” Willis and Mellie Jane Willis nee Welch.  I’ve wondered if these may be Tommy’s maternal grandparents, William Thomas Welch and Mollie Mouro Welch nee Sanford.  I have a photo of Tommy’s paternal grandfather, James Franklin Willis, and he doesn’t look like the man in the above photo.

Here’s a link to my website that shows my grandfather’s pedigree chart with all the names, dates, and a photo that we have so far.

Can you help me identify this couple? If you have any information that may be helpful (dating the photo, names, location, etc.) in identifying this couple or the names on the back I would love to hear from you.

The photo has also been posted to the Fayette County, Alabama Unidentified Family Photos page.