Delicate, embroidered and lacey!  Ottie carried this handkerchief on October 1, 1930 when she married Claude Brown.  Typically, wedding handkerchiefs were carried to symbolize love for the groom plus they were practical to wipe away tears.  This handkerchief was probably not ‘something old’ for Ottie to carry that day so it may have been the ‘something new’.  Details of their wedding are sketchy but indicate that Claude’s cousin Louie Reddick and his wife Frankie Reddick nee Stearns were present, perhaps the witnesses.

Ottie was my paternal grandmother and she gave me this handkerchief many years ago.  The photo on the far right above shows the handkerchief folded just as Grandma gave it to me so that each of the embroidered corners  is emphasized while the middle of the handkerchief is out of sight.  While Ottie embroidered I don’t recall her indicating that this handkerchief was handmade or that it had any additional significance prior to her wedding.

Claude & Ottie on their honeymoon

Claude and Ottie were married in 1930 and they went to Phoenix on their honeymoon where Ottie’s mother and sisters were living.  At that time Ottie said she had never been anywhere in a car before and that she was so afraid that they would be lost that she carried the map right along with them.

The photo above was taken when Claude and Ottie were on their honeymoon.  Notice that Ottie has something in her hand probably a handkerchief though I doubt it was her wedding hankie.

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