Researchers see the value and frustration in census records.  The information is often accurate but there are quite a few inaccuracies as well.  My great grandmother’s sister, Violet Todd nee Keithley and her husband Newt Todd were listed twice in the 1900 census.  I’m not sure what questions this double entry will help me answer but it does provide different information to consider.

The two entries are in two different states.  The enumerator visited Thomas T. and Clarissa B. Todd on June 7, 1900 in Osage, Labette, Kansas.  On that day, their son Thomas Newton Todd, his wife Violet and his sons from a previous marriage Jesse and Clarence were identified and listed.  Then two days later in Carterville, Missouri, which is 68 miles away from Osage, Thomas Newton Todd along with his wife and sons were listed again.  This time they were living next door to Violet’s father and his family.  I’ve provided an image below that shows both entries in one view.

The official enumeration day of the 1900 census was 1 June 1900 so all questions asked were supposed to refer to that date.  The distance is close enough to believe that Newt and Violet were in both locations at the time the enumerators visited but I doubt that they lived in both locations in a single day.  So, I’m thinking they didn’t answer the question based on the June 1 request but on the day the questions were asked.  The good news is the information provided to the enumerator is basically the same both times.

Over the years of reporting to the enumerator, Violet often indicated that her mother was born in Ireland however, on her birth certificate it indicates her mother was born in Ohio as she & her siblings reported in the Carterville census.  None of this information has yet helped to determine who their mother or her parents were or where they were from.  Recently, I did confirm that her mother was Martha Ann Conn who may have been from Ohio or Nebraska and the family tradition says she was of Irish descent.

Anyone else have this type of double entry where you gained new information?