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I would really like to learn more about W.R. Keithley.  I first heard of him when I saw in the Carterville, Missouri 1900 census that he was living with my great grandfather Joseph Keithley.  The census indicates that W.R. Keithley was born in September 1825 in Missouri and that he was Joseph’s single uncle who was a lawyer.   Joseph’s brother was also an attorney living in Peoria, Illinois.

I have found several interesting entries for a W. R. Keithley who was living in Utah, Illinois, Idaho, Colorado, Missouri, California and Canada during the 1800’s.  The W.R. Keithley living in Utah, Illinois, Idaho, Colorado, Missouri and California was an attorney but I don’t know if it is the same person.

For now, this is a pdf that has some of the various entries in a timeline format that I’ve found that mention.Keithley, WR timeline _Page_1What do you think about it being the same person?  It sure seems, if this is all one person, like a lot of moving.  As a single man he would have been more likely to do.  It doesn’t seem that there would have been many attorney’s named Keithley during this time period.  If I can find more about him maybe something will confirm who his parents were.  Any suggestions on how some next steps?

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