In the book Linden, New Jersey there’s interesting information on the Morss/Morse family of Elizabethtown (Rahway), New Jersey.  While the entire book isn’t available online, there is enough shared to entice you into borrowing the book.   The author tells about 3 newspaper articles that appeared in the March 30, 1907 issue of the Elizabeth Daily Journal that are particularly fascinating:

  1. Morss Farm Has New Owner: First Transfer of Property Since 1657 — “A notable transfer took place in Rahway…This property had been continuously  held by the Morss family since Peter Morss purchased it of the Indians in 1657, the descendants of Peter Morss living there, one generation after another, up to the time of the death of Anthony Morse, a few years ago.  Among his papers were found many old deeds of historic value, especially the one originally given by the Indians.  The old house, still standing,  witnessed many stirring events of 1766, being occupied repeatedly by British and American soldiers in their marches and countermarches [through] New Jersey from New York to Philadelphia.”
  2. The Old Homestead Still Standing
  3. How Robert Morss Outwitted the British

The entire chapter 2 “Settlers of Linden” has quite a bit of great Morss/Morse family history.  Be sure to search both spellings of the name Morss and Morse.


Yeats, Lauren Pancurak., Linden, New Jersey: Making of America Series, Edition illustrated., Arcadia Publishing, 2002