Guest Blogger — My husband relating a story from when he was about 6 years old.

Hand line

One Christmas when we lived in Las Vegas, Nevada my older brother and I received some stocking stuffer type gifts from my maternal grandmother that caused me some angst.  The gifts were small fishing items commonly known as “Hand Lines”.   These are nothing more than five or six inch long rectangular wooden frames spooled with woven fishing line (commonly called “squidding line”) with a bobber, hook and weight attached. You go out on a dock and drop the lines over the side and fish with them.

I opened mine and was thrilled to see what I had.  I exhibited the gift to my mother and told her I had a fishing line that was rated for up to 20 pounds!!!  A huge fish!

My brother got the same thing and he exclaimed he had a line “rated for twenty, too!”  I was crestfallen.  My grandmother apparently thought my brother could land a fish two pounds more than I could.

Years later I realized what my brother had really said. I still get a chuckle out of it.