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A few of weeks ago my husband brought home some more boxes of photos, letters and things from his Mom’s house.  It was quite a hodge podge of items and loads of fun to go through.  As I was sorting out what was in the boxes I noted a photo that was labeled ‘Francis Albert Garee’.  This was especially exciting to me because we have very few photos of Frank.  In fact, we have one ca 1870 another ca 1885 and this newest find is from a much later time in his life.  The photo from ca 1885 appears to have been poorly edited with some editing software and I have yet to learn who owns the original so that I can re-scan it.  In each of the images, which span perhaps as much as 40 years, Frank has a mustache and appears about the same size.  In the last two images, which maybe span 25 or 30 years, he had a beard with his mustache.

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Frank was my husband’s great, great grandfather and we have a porch swing he made for his granddaughter many years ago so we are especially pleased to see another image of him.

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