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Since she couldn’t find an OU flag, she made one but read more about this OU fan.

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1972 Sugar Bowl
OU 14, Penn State 0 – Dec. 31, 1972 at New Orleans, La.
Played for the first time on New Year’s Eve, the Sugar Bowl brought the Big Eight Champion Sooners to do battle with Joe Paterno’s fifth-ranked Nittany Lions. The Sooner defense posted a shutout while allowing only 11 first downs and 49 yards rushing the entire game. It was the first year that freshmen were eligible and Sooner wide receiver Tinker Owens celebrated with five catches, good for 132 yards and one touchdown. It was also the last game for Sooner head coach Chuck Fairbanks who left for the NFL the following spring. (source: SoonerSports Oklahoma Bowl Recaps)

In the January 8, 1986 Cleveland County Record in Andy Rieger’s column it says

Elizabeth Bullard, a longtime Noble resident, won’t have to change bumper stickers on her car.  She has had an “OU We’re No. 1” sticker on there since the Sooners were champions in 1975.

The Sooner win over Penn State last week allowed her the occasion to shine up the old sticker rather than buy a new one.

“I support OU in many ways.  Every day we play football. I fly my OU flag.” Bullard said. “And boy did I fly it Wednesday.”

She made her original OU flag many years and in 1980 a daughter-in-law made a nylon one which now flies over her home.

The 1928 OU graduate attended all of the home games and many in Dallas until 1978.  Her license tag used to read. “CLOU28.”

She remembers one of the first OU games she attended as a freshman in 1922.  Benny Owen was the coach and the Sooners played on the field just west of the old field house.  The fans sat on wood bleachers.  The Sooners tied the Kansas Aggies 7-7.

Elizabeth Bullard nee Garee was my husband’s maternal grandmother and she wasn’t the only fan in the family.  Frances, one of Elizabeth’s sisters, was also an OU fan and her nephew’s memories tell of another ardent OU fan in the post Pickled Okra & Fat Tire Bicycle.

For those not familiar with “Boomer Sooner” here’s a video with the lyrics so you can sing along.