There is a lot of research on the Keithley brothers who are said to be the progenitors of the Keithley’s in America.  I’ve spent many years trying to determine which one I descend from and I have some key pieces of information but still not enough.  I’d like to share what I have in hopes that someone can help me tie this together.

John Keithley was born about 1801 in Missouri and his wife Elizabeth Gordon was born about 1803 in North Carolina.  They married sometime before 1825 possibly in or near Pike County, Missouri.  The children that I have determined so far that they had together are:

  1. William R Keithley born Sept 1825 in Missouri and died February 15, 1904 in Jackson County, Iowa.  He’s a fascinating character and you can read about my hunt for him on my post entitled W.R. Keithley, Attorney and be sure to read all the comments.
  2. John Wesley Keithley born in 1827 in Missouri and died July 29, 1891 in Bellevue, Jackson, Iowa.  He served in the 104th Illinois, Company C during the Civil War and married Eliza Ann Elder in 1851 in LaFayette, Wisconsin.
  3. Enoch M. Keithley (my great, great, great grandfather) was born April 5, 1831 in Missouri and died May 8, 1862 due to illness while serving in the 16th Wisconsin Infantry in Tennessee.  He married Amy Turner August 29, 1852 in New Diggins, LaFayette, Wisconsin.
  4. Benjamin “Franklin” Keithley born ca 1834 in Pike County, Missouri.  I know of a marriage to Elizabeth in 1860 and in 1888 in Sabula, Jackson, Iowa to Percilla Sams nee Sweet.
  5. Elizabeth Keithley born in 1837.  She married William C. Greenwood July 6, 1853 in New Diggins, LaFayette, Wisconsin.
  6. Amanda Melzena Keithley born about 1839 in Missouri.  She married John S. Young April 6, 1859 in New Diggins, LaFayette, Wisconsin.

Here are a few other facts about John:

  • 1830 he was on the Pike County, Missouri census
  • 1840 he was on the Hurricane, Lincoln, Missouri census.
  • 1845 family tradition suggests that his wife, Elizabeth died about this time
  • 1846, April 12 in Jo Davies, Illinois I believe this John married Christina Barker
  • 1850 he was on the Elizabeth, Jo Davies, Illinois census
  • 1876 he died from smallpox while living in Elizabeth, Jo Davies, Illinois

In my research I have learned some additional meaningful names:

  • Hostetter – Enoch is a name found in both the Keithley & Hostetter family.  Specifically, Jacob and Barbara (nee Roland/Rowland) Keithley’s daughter Mary/Polly married Isaac Hostetter and had a son Enoch Hostetter born in 1810.  Isaac and Polly Hostetter moved from Kentucky to Missouri in 1798 or 1799 and moved in 1817 to Peno Township in Pike County, Missouri.
  • Sales – William Greenwood’s (John’s son-in-law) mother was Mary Sales
  • There was another Enoch M. Keithley born born Jan. 31, 1852 to Murvin Keithley and Mary Thompson Darst but died in infancy.  Murvin had  a brother who lived in Lincoln County, Missouri and a sister who lived Pike County, Missouri.

For those interested in more, here’s a pdf of my Keithley Census spreadsheet and My Tree House Keithley page has several links that may be of interest