Last week I found the post about commenting at We Tree Genealogy Blog interesting.  As a result, I made a few changes on my blog and today I found a template that I think lends itself to seeing comments better.   While I was making those changes I decided to go ahead and make a few others.  I hope that I like them over time but more importantly I hope you like them and will feel more inclined to discuss and leave comments.

Along with changing the template, I changed the name of my blog.  It is the same blog, just has a new name. The original name was Kay B’s Place, which I think is not meaningful to readers.  The new name is Relative Storyboards: capturing my families’ memories.  My hope is that this name is more descriptive of the purpose of my blog.

Here are some of the other changes I made to the look and functionality of the blog:

  • new banner that has photos of mine and my husband’s grandparents.  After all, they are the relatives involved in this storyboard.
  • recent comments
  • link on the top to my project 365 photo a day, KB As I See It
  • link on the top to my genealogy database, K Bauman Tree House
  • listing of recent entries
  • top clicks

I haven’t made any significant changes to my blog since I started it 2 years ago.   I thought it was time for a facelift, relatively speaking.

How often do you make changes to the way your blog looks and functions?  Did the changes have an impact in usage?