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On this Mother’s Day I would love to be able to share more generations of mothers in my line but we don’t know much about Eva’s mother or others before her.  We know Eva’s mother’s first name was Martha and believe she had four children and probably died when Eva, her second child, was about 6.

Eva had ten children, my grandmother Virginia was her seventh child.  Eva died when Virginia was 7.

Virginia was determined to be the mother she didn’t have.  She lived 93 years,  raised her children and got to know her grandchildren and great grandchildren.

I’m proud to be included in this set of four generations and would love to learn about prior generations.  To that end, I recently had my mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) tested so I now know I’m in

Halpogroup H1
HVR1 difference 16519C
HVR2 difference 195C, 263G, 315.1C

The mtDNA tests for the genetic marker that each mother passes down to her male and female children.  The female continues this passing of the mtDNA and it remains unchanged for thousands of years making it possible to identify cousins around the globe.

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