The DeFries family must have treasured their photos.  At least that’s what I think when I look at my pink velvet album that was put together well over 100 years ago.  Then, to top it off, I learned this weekend that there’s another similar velvet DeFries photo album!

Connie Bishop, a DeFries descendent shared photos of her DeFries’ albums and they are quite similar to mine.

Connie’s a descendent of Jacob and Anje DeFries’ son Harm Jacob DeFries while my family line is Jacob and Anje’s  daughter Mary (Maria).

Below is what my album looks like. Read the post entitled “DeFries Velvet Photo Album”  for more detail on mine.

I think this is fascinating.  Connie and I wonder if there are other DeFries’ albums still extant, maybe ones with photos that are identified.  Wouldn’t that be awesome?

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