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I haven’t taken many photos of my house perhaps because it seems like such a pointless photo yet when I find photos of my ancestors in front of their homes, I think it’s interesting.  Many times in our families’ photos the family gathered on the same porch through the years for the photos, which allows current viewers to see the minor changes in the home as well as helps to recognize some of the people.

This week I received a photo from Connie Bishop that, I believe, was among her father’s things.  On the back of one of the photos it says “Aunt Mary Brown’s house in Enid, Okla.”  Of course, Aunt Mary Brown was my great, great grandmother.

Notice the American flag in the window in this cropped version of the photo.  Also, the steps, the brick around the base of the house, the house number, etc.
Here’s a different angle with Mary standing on the side of her porch:

All of the photos in this post so far were not in my families’ photos.  After viewing Connie’s photos, I started browsing the images in my families’ photos and I recognized the location.  For example, below is a photo we have of Mary’s daughter Minnie and clearly, it’s at Mary’s house!

Maybe I do need to take a photo from time to time of me and my family in front of our house.

One of Mary’s previous homes was hit by a tornado and I wrote about in the post COG 77th Edition: Cyclone of 1912.