Going trick or treating was so much fun.  Dressing up, being out past when the street lights came on, being able to eat tons of candy.

Among my parents pictures are 2 photos of me dressed up on Halloween.  The first one must have been in 1961 when I would have been 14 months old.  Mom made my angel costume from a pillow case.

The other photo is when I was 3 years old, dressed as a witch in my Grandma Brown’s living room.

Then there was the Halloween when I was about 4.  I was with my Mom, my friend Stephanie and her mom walking around the neighborhood.  Stephanie stepped into the street from in between some parked cars and was hit by a car.  She was apparently thrown a good way but not seriously hurt, I don’t even think she was taken to the doctor but it left a fear of crossing the street in me that is still present today.

When I was 7 my Mom made me my favorite costume.  It was a bunny costume with cute bunny ears and tail.  It was made out of fabric you’d use for fur on a stuffed animal so it was quite warm.  I wish there was a photo of it but there isn’t.

By the time I was 9 we couldn’t eat the candy as we got it and we weren’t suppose to eat foods that were homemade or store bought that looked like they had been tampered.  With the horrifying events that happened to some kids, trick or treating began to take on a different feel for me and my friends.

Years later,  as a 28-year-old, I dressed up in my Mom’s high school prom dress and went to a Halloween party where I met my now husband.  (read that post: Halloween, Crosswalk, and Our Mother’s Dresses )

Halloween for my Grandma Billings and her siblings had a different feel.  She always told me that her father died on Halloween but the specific day didn’t really sink in for me until only a few years ago when I wrote the post Hallows Eve 1915.

It might appear that Halloween has some significance in my family and I suppose it does.  I just don’t typically see it as clearly as the timeline here might portray.