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In June my mother and I went to South Carolina on a genealogy trip.  One of the places we visited was the South Carolina Department of Archives & History.  Their index is online and, in fact, many of the items have been transcribed and a scanned image is available online.  For example, my 7th great grandmother Salley Bobo nee Simpson’s will is available on their website.  The transcription is much easier to read than the handwritten document but sometimes it is useful to look at a scan of the original document and the probate files.  When you do that you can find little gems of information.

While visiting the Archives we looked at many scans of original documents and one gem we found was a signature.  Since I collect my ancestors signatures this is a true gem to me and on our trip I added a few more to my collection.  Below is one of those signatures, my 7th great grandmother, Sarah “Salley” Bobo nee Simpson recorded in the will book on February 20, 1816.

ImageIn Salley’s file we also found the inventory of her belongings such as groceries and furniture.  In 1816 the value of her inventory was $3,016.25.  We will probably be deciphering the handwriting of the documents we found for many months and who knows what other gems we will discover.

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