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In my 2010 post entitled “Oh Danny Boy” I shared some of my research on Daniel L. Carlsen (Carlson). My husband’s great, great aunt adopted Danny when he was a young boy. He had many struggles in life that resulted in his involvement with founding Narcotics Anonymous.  I recommend that you read my original post to understand more about Danny’s background so that this update post makes more sense.

Last month a couple of people connected with Narcotics Anonymous shared with me that a dedication of his headstone and memorial service was going to take place on August 19, 2012 in Flushing, New York. If it would have been closer to me, I would have attended.  On the Carry The Message website there are several links to the Dan Carlsen era, which include pdfs to their 2010 process to get the headstone as well as the dedication and memorial service program plus many other interesting links.

I’m so glad that this worked out.  It would have been nice if Dr. Jane Dunaway could have known the full impact that Dan had.