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The photo of “Grandfather Little” sitting outside among the greenery in a nice rocking chair reading a newspaper is one of the jewels in Mary’s photo albums.  Her father died four days after her 10th birthday then not quite four years later her Grandfather Little died.  I wonder if this was a staged photo or if he paused a moment for the photographer.

After researching all of Ervin’s children, I created the following obituary type report in my genealogy software.  It’s not much fun to read but it has lots of info in it.Ervin-Anderson-Little

Ervin Anderson Little, 78, of Cove, Polk, Arkansas, died Friday, 26 August 1927.

Born on Monday, 1 January 1849, in Water Valley, Graves, Kentucky, he was the son of the late James M. Little formerly of Graves, Kentucky and Winifred ‘Winny’ Ann (Barton) of Graves, Kentucky.

He is survived by his wife of 51 years, Mary Adaline ‘Addie’ (Allen) Little, daughter of the late Peter Buell Benton Allen formerly of Cove, Polk, Arkansas and the late Mary Rowena (Hoskins) formerly of Cove, Polk, Arkansas.

Ervin Anderson is survived by six children, Edgar Gilford ‘Gip’ and his wife Jospehine (Stockton) of White, Polk, Arkansas, Wineford ‘Winnie’ Rowena Wright and her husband M C Wright of Hatfield, Polk, Arkansas, Carolena ‘Lena’ Jo Lane of Womble, Montgomery, Arkansas, Peter Benton Allen and his wife Beulah M (Emmert) of Heavener, Le Flore, Oklahoma, Chloe Esther Lee Daly and her husband Robert Earl Daly of Cove, Polk, Arkansas, and Marie Pinkerton and her husband Joseph Luther Pinkerton of Womble, Montgomery, Arkansas; one brother, William Henry of Graves, Kentucky; two half siblings, John of Graves, Kentucky, and Mary A. of Graves, Kentucky; eighteen grandchildren, Floyd E of Cove, Polk, Arkansas, Jesse Guilford of White, Polk, Arkansas, Mayme Elizabeth of White, Polk, Arkansas, Ervin Anderson Jr. and his wife Edna May (Ruth) of Cove, Polk, Arkansas, John Sebastian of White, Polk, Arkansas, Opal ‘Claire’ (Lane) of Womble, Montgomery, Arkansas, Evelyn “Jackie” of Cove, Polk, Arkansas, Leon Leonard of White, Polk, Arkansas, Eugene, Mary Dell of Cove, Polk, Arkansas, Lena Josephine of White, Polk, Arkansas, Louise of Arkansas, United States, Helen Pauline of Arkansas, United States, Robert E. Daly of Cove, Polk, Arkansas, Chloe Marie of Cove, Polk, Arkansas, James E Daly of Arkansas, United States, Dorothy Imogene of Cove, Polk, Arkansas, and DeLois of Oklahoma, United States.

Ervin Anderson was preceded in death by two children, Alonzo ‘Lonnie’ Elmer of Cove, Polk, Arkansas, and Lillie Frances; one half brother, Thomas Isaac of Dresden, Weakley, Tennessee; four grandparents, Isaac of Graves, Kentucky, William Barton of Graves, Kentucky, Rachel (Sisson) Little of Graves, Kentucky, and Sarah Caroline (Dunning) Barton of Farmington, Graves, Kentucky; four grandsons, Author, Allen, Roy Dooly Lane, and Emmert Allen.

Ervin Anderson Little was my biological great, great, grandfather on my father’s side.

No Story Too Small offered a challenge: have one blog post each week devoted to a specific ancestor. It could be a story, a biography, a photograph, an outline of a research problem — anything that focuses on one ancestor. 
Each of my posts for this challenge will include in the title “52 Ancestors Challenge” and will have the tag of 52Ancestors.