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It is as though Martha and many of the records associated with her disappeared around 1889.  Martha had 4 children who lived to adulthood: Violet, Eva (my great grandmother), Leo and Mabel.  Family tradition indicates that Martha died in childbirth with Mabel or soon after.  See links below to posts my mother and I have written about Martha and our quest to find her.


After years of researching Martha I have acquired some photos of her husband and children plus discovered her given and maiden name.  However, that hasn’t yet been enough to help me locate who her parents were. So, some of Martha and Joseph’s descendants are using DNA test results to learn more.  Two of Martha & Joseph’s grandchildren (1 male & 1 female) have taken the autosomal, Y-DNA and mtDNA tests.  Additionally, 2 male and 1 female known descendants have also taken DNA tests.

This week the autosomal DNA test results of one of Martha’s granddaughters came back and soon her mitochondrial results will be in, those combined with all the others will hopefully help us learn more about Martha’s ancestry.  If I’m understanding the table below, Martha’s granddaughter and grandson share the expected amount of centiMorgan for 1st cousins who share the same set of grandparents (source of parts of the table: Autosomal DNA Statistics).  

If you know more about the DNA result interpretations or about Martha, I’d love to hear from you.

Average Percentage Average centiMorgans Expected Relationship Martha’s granddaughter shared centiMorgans with other known descendants
50.00% 3400 Mother, father, siblings
25.00% 1700 Grandfathers, grandmothers, aunts, uncles, half-siblings, double first cousins
12.50% 850 Great-grandparents, first cousins, great-uncles, great-aunts, half-aunts/uncles, half-nephews/nieces 644.90 w/ Martha’s grandson, 1st cousin
6.25% 425 First cousins once removed, half first cousins 714.21 w/Martha’s great grandson through Violet, a 1C1R
3.13% 212.5 Second cousins, first cousins twice removed 197.51 w/ Martha’s 2nd great granddaughter through Eva 1C2R (share the X Chromosome)
1.56% 106.25 Second cousins once removed, half second cousins 102.70 w/ Martha’s 3rd grandson, 1C3R

Previous Posts about Martha

Martha Ann Keithley nee Conn was my great, great grandmother on my mother’s side.

No Story Too Small offered a challenge: have one blog post each week devoted to a specific ancestor. It could be a story, a biography, a photograph, an outline of a research problem — anything that focuses on one ancestor. 
Each of my posts for this challenge will include in the title “52 Ancestors Challenge” and will have the tag of 52Ancestors.