John M. Bradely, 55, died before 1905.

He was born in March 1850, in Indiana, United States, he was the son of the late Michael Bradley formerly of Miami County, Indiana and Leah (Glick) of Butler, Miami, Indiana.

He is survived by his wife of 37 years, Sarah Jane (Johnson) Bradley, daughter of the late Theodrick Johnson formerly of Grant, Indiana and the late Elizabeth (Hubbard) formerly of Grant, Indiana.

John M is survived by five children: Leah Morris and her husband Wilbur Grant Morris of Chandler, Lincoln, Oklahoma; Mary Belle Williams and her husband Clarence Delbert Williams of Butler, Miami, Indiana; Louisa Hindman and her husband James Alfred Hindman of Harrison, Dewey, Oklahoma Territory; Lillie Dickinson and her husband Edward Alonzo Dickinson of Chandler, Lincoln, Oklahoma; and Abia K. of Caney, Montgomery, Kansas. Ten siblings: Nathaniel and his wife Mary Adaline (Safford) of Butler, Miami, Indiana; Ellen of Butler, Miami, Indiana; Henry and his wife Eliza (Ward) of Noble, Wabash, Indiana; Lydia of Butler, Miami, Indiana; Mary Etta Kisman and her husband Absolem Kisman of Peru, Miami, Indiana; Phillip of Butler, Miami, Indiana, Leah of Butler, Miami, Indiana; Sarah of Butler, Miami, Indiana; Eli; and Michael. Thirteen grandchildren,

John M was preceded in death by one daughter, Nelly of Miami County, Indiana.

John was my biological great, great grandfather on my father’s side.

This is an obituary report that I created using my genealogy software.

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