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Levin Hubbard was born in Maryland about 1769 and married his first wife, Lydia Marshall, on December 16, 1789 in Dorchester County, Maryland. He and Lydia had 6 children.  Lydia probably died between 1806 and 1815, which is the time in between births of his children by his first and second wife.

Sometime around 1814 Levin married his second wife.  They likely married in Maryland since their first child was born there about 1815.  They apparently moved to Delaware by 1816 where their remaining children were born.  They had at least 6 children together before Levin’s second wife likely died between 1823 and 1827.

On November 29, 1827 in Ross County, Ohio Charlotte Adams became Levin’s third wife and they had at least 4 children.


He had at least 15 children with three wives and lived to be 80 years old according to the cemetery transcription.  He died on June 19, 1849 and is buried in the Luttrell Cemetery in Clinton County, Ohio.  The Luttrell Cemetery is a small, old cemetery that may be for the family or for the community.

Spouse 1: Lydia Marshall
Marriage: 16 Dec 1789, Dorchester County, Maryland
Death: bef 1841


  • Amelia (1794-)
  • Henry (1796-)
  • Levin (1798-)
  • Charles (1800-)
  • James (1803-)
  • Robert (1805-)

Spouse 2: UNNAMED
Marriage: ca 1814


  • Celia Mary (ca1815-)
  • John (1816-1890)
  • Nancy (1817-)
  • Sarah (1819-<1867)
  • Levin Jr (1822-1888)
  • Elizabeth (1823-1903) – my line

Spouse 3: Charlotte Adams
Birth: ca 1800, Maryland, United States
Marriage: 1827, Ross County, Ohio


  • James (1829-)
  • Sina (1831-1904)
  • Thomas (1833-)
  • Rebecca (1837-)

Levin Hubbard was my biological 4th great grandfather on my father’s side.

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