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Born in Pennsylvania about 1791, Johann “Phillip” Glick moved to Fairfield County, Ohio probably at an early age.  Some accounts say the family moved to Ohio in 1794 and then in 1809 a Phillip Glick received a land warrant for section 30 in Bloom township in Fairfield County, Ohio.1 The History of Bloom Township relates that “Although no early roads (before 1802) reached Bloom Township and no navigable streams reached this township, Bloom was settled in the early days of Fairfield County. An abundance of strong flowing springs may have attracted the early settlers.”1

Several records indicate that my Phillip’s wife was Lydia and apparently there were two Phillip Glick’s in the area with similar birth and death dates who both married a Lydia, which makes it confusing. At this point in my research there are too many inconsistencies to know just yet.  Researchers attribute Phillip’s parents and wives to different people and the supporting documentation is not clear to me.  So, more work must be done.

I’m hopeful that knowing the names of his heirs will help verify his parents and wife(s).  In the “Partition Record Abstracts, v2, 1851-1900 Fairfield County, Ohio, Fairfield County Chapter OGS, 1988, p 24.” as reported on the Foore Family Genealogy website “Phillip’s 1864 partition record mention his death date and the heirs mentioned were:

  1. Lydia, wife of Christian Hoppis of Kosciusko Co., IN;
  2. Leah, wife of Michael Bradley of Miami Co., IN;
  3. Annetta, wife of Jackson Arington of Wabash Co., IN;
  4. Absalom Glick of the Colorado Territory;
  5. Ananias Glick of Vigo Co., IN;
  6. Phillip Glick, Jr., of Vigo Co., IN
  7. heirs of John Glick, deceased, who were minors Ananius Glick of Fairfield Co., George Glick of Franklin Co., Andrew Glick of Wayne Co., David Glick of Pickaway Co., and Mary Jane Glick of Dark Co.;
  8. the heirs of Mary Bradley, deceased, who were Andrew Bradley of Fairfield Co., and Philip,  James M. and John Bradley of Pickaway County;
  9. Nathan Glick of Miami Co., IN;
  10. Tobias Glick3

Johann “Phillip” Glick was my biological 4th great grandfather on my father’s side.

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