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The historical records such as the one below agree that Lydia (or Lyda) is the given name of Phillip’s wife and mother of his children.


The information indicating that Lydia Neiswander whom Phillip married in Franklin County, Ohio in 1834, clearly shows a marriage 19 years after his first child was born (whose name was Lydia).  Phillip’s son born in 1834 is often shown with Lydia’s surname, Neiswander, as his middle name.

My direct ancestor was born in 1821 many years prior to Phillip’s 1834 recorded marriage with Lydia Neiswander.  I don’t know how common it may have been during this time to get married many years after beginning a family.  It seems more likely that Phillip’s children born between 1815 & 1834 were not Lydia Neiswander’s children.

I have found a great deal of information on many of Phillip’s descendants but not anything that provides clarity about the mother(s) of his children.  The table below includes the information about heirs as described in the 1864 land partition record (see my Johann Phillip Glick post) plus some of my research notes.

Children listed in 1864 land partition Notes Grandchildren listed in 1864 land partition
Lydia, wife of Christian Hoppis of Kosciusko Co., IN in 1864; (1815 -1881)
John Glick deceased (1818-1852) [John is listed as Gideon, Guidiun or Guidion elsewhere including the 1850 Butler, Miami, Indiana census with the exact names of children living with him] Ananius Glick of Fairfield Co. in 1864,
George Glick of Franklin Co. in 1864,
Andrew Glick of Wayne Co. in 1864,
David Glick of Pickaway Co. in 1864,
Mary Jane Glick of Dark Co. in 1864;
Mary Bradley, deceased (ca 1819-1844) married Henry Bradley brother of Michael who married Mary’s sister Leah. Andrew Bradley of Fairfield Co. in 1864,
Philip of Pickaway County in 1864,
James M. of Pickaway County in 1864
John Bradley of Pickaway County in 1864;
Leah, wife of Michael Bradley (1821-1908) lived in Butler, Miami, Indiana
Absalom Glick of the Colorado Territory in 1864; (ca 1822-1906) married Mary and Lurinda Nigh. Moved to Brown County, Kansas where he died.
Phillip Glick, Jr. of Vigo Co., IN in 1864 (1825 – 1917) Middle initial H. first married Sarah Ann Seddles lived in Vigo, Indiana; second marriage to Eliza A Leach
Nathan Glick of Miami Co., IN in 1864; (ca 1827-<1912) married Sarah lived in Pulaski County, Indiana
Tobias Glick; (Nov 1831-1874) married Matilda Whitecraft died in Jackson County, Kansas
Annetta, wife of Jackson Arington of Wabash Co., IN in 1864; (Jan 1831-1912) later married Joseph Rideway
Ananias Glick of Vigo Co., IN in 1864 (1834 – 1883) He later moved to Salem, Marion, Illinois where he died.

Lydia, wife of Johann Phillip Glick, was my biological 4th great grandmother on my father’s side.

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